1. Electrical Characteristics


        (i) Dielectric Strength

        No Breakdown at 5000 V

        (ii) Insulation Resistance  

        Above 200 Meagodim very good  

    2. Mechanical strength  


        (i) Resistance to crushing  


       (ii) Impact Results  

        No Crack (visible)  

       (iii) Rigidity  

        Good closed packed structure  

       (iv) Compression Results  

        Excellent Elastic and Plastic  

    3. Bending           Higher order Flexibility  
    4. Resistance to Heat           No deformation  
    5. Resistance to combustion           Very firm Against H.D. Flame  
    6. Resistance to Chemicals    
       (i) In Hydrochloric           No Deterioration  
       (ii) In Sodium Hydroxide           No Deterioration  
    7. Copper Test           No formation of copper salt
    8. Resistance to Oil         Excellent